Valuable Advice from Greg Lister. My best advice to you and any prospective client is for you to interview builders, and then select the builder you most feel comfortable with and work with that builder and their team for the construct process. There are checks you should do on your shortlisted builders before you select the final builder you want to work with. They are as follows. License check with fair trading NSW to see if they have any insurance payouts against them

For years we've been told that resale value was all about "LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION" but new priorities are emerging. Here is a rundown of some of the best to incorporate into your build. “Livable” design [eltdf_separator class_name="" type="normal" position="left" color="#e9a040" border_style="solid" width="130px" thickness="2px" top_margin="10px" bottom_margin="10px"] There’s a lot of emphasis on “livable” design these days and people will definitely pay extra to get it. Livable Design means creating a home that meets the changing needs of its occupants. By adding some "livable" features

There are lots of reasons you might be thinking about a “knockdown and rebuild” – the kids are settled at school, you love your neighbourhood, or your home is on a great block that you want to capitalise on. But is it a viable option financially? If you’re basically happy with your home and just want to update bathrooms or kitchen, add another bedroom, or an outdoor living area, then renovation is probably for you. “Knockdown and rebuild” becomes the better